Melinda Helbock

New Owners of the Padres Bring Hope to San Diego

The near completion of the sale of the Padres to a group headed by heirs of the former owners of the Los Angeles Dodgers, professional golfer Phil Mickelson and San Diego business leader Ron Fowler, should give San Diego fans hope of a great new start for the Padres.

With a price tag of $800 million, the transaction was finalized Monday night, pending approval of other Major League Baseball owners.

The new owners say they will be more hands-on in areas involving business, operations and community. No plans for changes to the baseball side of things have been announced. So far, we know Tom Garfinkel will remain CEO and Josh Byrnes will remain general manager.

“Assuming we receive approval, there will be a prompt, efficient and smooth transition,” Peter Seidler, the spokesman for the new Padres owners said. “For decades the Padres have been an exciting and entertaining part of San Diego.”

So far, everyone seems to be on board with the change in ownership. “San Diego fans deserve great ownership and I think the O’Malley tradition in baseball is remarkable,” Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig said last month. “This would be an excellent development for baseball.”